• Hashahar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon, Givatayim

Local and international taxation

We specialize in providing consultation services on taxation, banking, trusts, and the anti-money laundering law.
We have engaged in these areas of consulting for more than two decades.
Our partners and employees have cumulative experience amounting to thousands of consulting hours, encountering a tremendous variety of cases.
We can generate integrative consulting, which means a very broad view of the client’s needs. As an example, when dealing with questions of income tax, we will also see the implications relating to accounting rules, securities, VAT issues, etc.


We provide our services to large local and international corporations as well as to SMB clients and individuals. We particularly wish to emphasize that by being part of the PFK global network, we are highly experienced in implications of international taxation and regulation.

A tax trust and consulting firm with more than 30 years’ cumulative experience, Gal Oger & Co. Management and Consulting Ltd., is also part of our Group. This firm employs experts who assist and support the accounting, business and taxation activities of global corporations who operate in Israel.

This special expertise of ours is one of the highest-level in Israel, and is well known in Israel’s community of leading businesses and legal consulting firms.



Israeli taxation:

We assist and support the following processes:

  • Filing tax statements in Israel, including deduction statements and special statements as required.
  • Providing supportive statements relating to laws on incentives and special grants that are given in Israel.
  • Regularizing the tax affairs of foreign corporations, placing foreign experts, and assisting in the creation of work permits for them.
  • Assisting with clients’ fundamental business processes such as structural changes, splits, mergers, etc.
  • Participating in tax assessment discussions and supporting our clients in disputes vis-à-vis the tax authorities.
  • Advising our clients with regard to grants from the EU.


Foreign taxation:

When taxation issues or questions arise that apply to our clients in foreign territories, we provide them with full support by regularly collaborating with our global offices. This way, our clients can benefit from the most complete global solution that can be obtained in the taxation world.


Indirect taxation:

We are permanent members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ liaison committee to the Israel Tax Authority.
This membership enables us to be involved in forming legislation in cooperation with the Tax Authority, and to gain close familiarity with the relevant tax issues placed before the Tax Authority. We deal with key essential issues of members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel vis-à-vis the VAT authorities, etc.

We represent our clients in these areas, and achieve optimal resolution of problems and disputes.


International taxation:

For many years we have been involved in matters of multinational taxation, tax treaties between countries, information disclosure, prevention of money laundering, and issues relating to transfer pricing in global corporations.



Regularizing international financial transactions:

Our firm has vast experience in the area of international financial transactions, which includes regularizing special tax rates for international money transfers, obtaining withholding tax exemptions for banks when our clients wish to receive or transfer funds internationally, and providing support with regard to transferring extensive funds to individuals who find it difficult to obtain permission to transfer funds to Israel from overseas.


Special arrangements and voluntary disclosure:

Our firm possesses cumulative experience in resolving long-standing problems of individuals and corporations that wish to reach a voluntary disclosure agreement with the Israel Tax Authority. This includes settling past tax debts, future tax positions, and more.

In this context, we assist our clients greatly in facilitating their relations with banks in Israel and overseas.


Returning residents and new immigrants:

Our firm has extensive experience in resolving issues relating to the unique rights provided to new immigrants and returning residents (as defined by law). We provide them with practical assistance in realizing and utilizing their rights in the Israeli tax and banking systems.



Our firm has vast cumulative experience in supporting clients in the process of moving to a new place of residence as a result of relocating their employment and life from Israel to overseas or vice versa.

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