• Hashahar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon, Givatayim

Auditing public and private companies

Our firm possesses experience, expertise and professional knowledge in auditing public and private companies who operate in diverse fields and sectors.


According to the last rankings published in January 2021 by BDI, our firm is ranked sixth in Israel for accounting firms that audit public companies. In the parallel Dun’s rankings we are ranked seventh.


We frequently engage in providing auditing services to clients with extensive international operations, and for this purpose we are assisted by our membership in the PKF global network and by our own cumulative experience in this field.


The firm has detailed auditing procedures that it uses in its audits, alongside strict quality control procedures which ensure that the audit is carried out at the highest professional level and in accordance with the rules of ethics and the auditing standards. Each audit is adjusted for the client’s needs – our unique auditing procedure is based on ongoing communication with the client, managed expectations, and providing solutions based on the specific needs.


Our audit teams are committed to the highest rules of ethics and accounting standards, and to the firm’s own quality control.

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